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Most companies/businesses in Kenya are now scratching their heads, and wondering how can we gain visibility online? How do we improve our sales? How do we beat our competitors?
The answer is Online Marketing that is achievable through digitalization and social media. These two have a lot of potential which companies and their employees can tap to market their products and services, interact with customers and popularize them and beat their competitors. They have bridged the gap between the entrepreneurs and the consumers.
Surprisingly, Kenya alone, which is Africa’s second highest tweeting nation has, 57 percent tweets done from mobile phones. There are 28 million mobile subscribers and 17.4 million Kenyans are Internet users. Some 1.6 million Kenyans are Face book and Twitter users.
What majority don’t know is that online marketing doesn’t drive sales directly, but it significantly impacts sales indirectly. One would tend to ask HOW?
It Increases Awareness: The first step in online marketing is to get your prospect’s attention.
Selling is difficult for most companies online because, no one’s ever heard of you hence no one’s going to buy without recognizing your brand. By gaining visibility online, you create an identity in your industry.

Establish Trust to Accelerate First-Time Purchases: Email marketing is consistently one of the best performing marketing channels from a research carried out in September 2012, but it’s not because companies are exceptionally good at it, I it’s because following up with leads consistently over weeks, months and years builds trust and recognition. Think of fans and followers as leads, and nurture their trust over time to accelerate first-time purchases.

Increase Purchasing Frequency: Marketing 101 says it’s cheaper and easier to keep an existing customer, than to acquire a new one, digitalization is an easy and effective way to increase your profitability by increasing the lifetime value of a customer. People will buy more products and services, or simply buy more often once they search what they want and get it instantly.

Some of the most effective strategies to increase your visibility include: social networks such as face book, twitter, pintrest, online video services such as You-tube, online directory listing (which is part of  our Search Engine Optimization), and Quality Content writing. The Keywords used in your website, URLs, Social networks e.t.c should be taken into   consideration if you aim to appear first on search engines. I.e. Google, yahoo, Bing   etc.

Make sure your social media/digitalization strategies  gain attention, inspire trust, and then increase profitability. It takes a little longer to get started, but it can pay off significantly in the long run.
NB. With the right strategies on board, just check on the table below to find out how many people in Africa   would get to find out about you through the internet.


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