Online Visibility At a Glance

Ever wondered what this phrase ‘the key to online visibility is search engine optimization’ means? You are not alone, many people think they know what it means but I am sure that if you asked them to explain, the answer would be wanting. Let’s take this step by step, what is optimization? Optimization is finding the best alternative under given constraints by maximizing desired factors and minimizing undesired ones. On the other hand the search engine is straightforward, we all know Google, type in what you want and search. Therefore search engine optimization is selecting the most suitable keyword phrases and ensuring that the site places well when the phrases are part of a search engine.

Now that we have things clear let’s get down to actually how you do this.


There are many ways of optimizing your site, which can be organized into two categories. The first one will cover all that you have on your site: On Page optimization, while the other looks at what you are doing elsewhere on the internet: Off Page optimization. You can choose to use one of the approaches but then it would be in your best interest to go both ways, now that is optimum optimization!!

On Page Optimization

This generally covers your website along the lines of tags, keywords, and navigation. Tags are basically that just tags. The title tag is what defines the title of the document which is what a search engine bot first picks. The primary keyword of the site should appear here. This means that for you to be found this title tag should contain all the important information. Then there is key word Meta tag used to highlight key words and phrases that you are targeting. You have to ensure that every possibility is put here for you to be more visible.

An xml sitemap is code that ensures that all pages in your site are indexed and can be easily found by the crawlers during search. So create an xml sitemap and submit it to the search engines. Have a blog within the site that covers all relevant topics, which are related to your field and most importantly your keywords. As you do this, ensure that the content is keyword rich, increasing the content-meta tag relevancy in other words watch the keyword density. The site should also be easily navigable so that every web page can be reached by search engines, this can be achieved by including key words in the URL.

Off Page Optimization

What this covers is the other activities you as a business do online. Do you have a social page? Are there any sites that have back links to yours? Are there any articles that mention you(r) brand?? If you have not got any of these going for you, then you need to go back to the drawing board.

Believe it or not, even just having a fan page on a social site like face book can boost your online presence a notch higher. That though, is another whole different concept referred to as Social Media Optimization. Write some articles covering different aspects in your industry submit them to article databases and don’t forget to get back links to your site wherever you can.

As straightforward as this is, you can miss out on one thing and miss the mark altogether. There are very few Kenyan web/interactive marketing firms who understand this concept, however we as Jamodesigns… pride ourselves to be the best option when it comes to matters of SEO. We do SEO auditing, site analysis and with that we come up with a customized strategy to ensure that your site is


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