The Participation Age is here ARE YOU READY?

Social media has taken over the world, literally.  It is what is now referred to as the participation age, where people from all over the world create news, entertainment…etc.  The social platform has gone digital, therefore businesses have to follow cue.  The Kenyan market is slowly evolving and embracing the internet gradually and there is no escaping what comes with the digital territory. Businesses must be ready to go the whole mile and make the internet work for them. The question then is how does one go about creating a business entity in the social networks and engage with their customers?
Marketing then takes a whole new turn, from traditional marketing to online interactive marketing. This is where you interact with the customers, understand what they are saying, verify what they are saying and deliver.  This is done through emails, websites and digital advertising.  So what happens when the social media comes in to the picture??  Social media marketing is getting to know where your customers are and being there: social sites are where the whole world is.
You must understand how the platform works and how to go about creating relationships. This is a commitment worth making because it gives you insight that otherwise would be elusive. And like any other commitment you have to lay out the conditions, in this case the goals and objectives.  There must also be guidelines: who is in charge, how often should you participate, is there protocol, how do you handle negative feedback??  People tend to be comfortable in the social platforms and are more vocal about issues. This means you are bound to get both negative and positive feedback, so be ready to have a plan to deal with the not so good. Clearly defined goals and objectives with guidelines make it easy to measure progress and effectiveness.
Once you have all the above defined, then you are ready to go. The same face you give the customer online should be the same offline, so be original and most importantly add value to your network. For the first few days, be in the background, see what people are discussing and learn the ropes, this way you have a good idea how to join/initiate the conversation and participate.  The most important thing to note while taking the social media path is that you cannot control the community, this way you are alert watching out for pitfalls or/and opportunities.
The Kenyan business community is slowly embracing the social media as a business avenue and it is important to understand what value it adds to your business, Social media allows you to create deeper engagement with customers, put your brand out there, and even provide a more assessable way of serving your customers right.  Interactive digital marketing is the modern marketers success secret, is your business/organization ready for this?? Well, if you are, Jamodesigns… is the place to start, where we help your business achieve online marketing goals through proper research, analysis and strategy.

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